AMA, Made in Italy with an international outlook

AMA is an international beer project. It is the upshot of an overseas meeting in New York, between Amarcord Beer, Brooklyn Brewery brewmaster Garrett Oliver and internationally renowned designer Milton Glaser, the man who, among other things, invented the I Iove NY logo. Designed in USA, made in Italy. Five elegant, fragrant beers rich in personality, designed for dining and immediately greeted with great enthusiasm by chefs... but also at ease on bar counters. A brand which is a message of love. And also for the good beers made here! 


And it was always in Italy that one day a brewmaster (Garrett Oliver) and a poet met. A real newyorker the first, deeply romagnolo the second, obviously different in some respects but with many passions in common and with the same originality of thought, the same desire to only get involved if it is really worth it. 

When they got to know each other it was as if a spark had been triggered, the spark from which the recipe of the Special Reserve was created. The upshot of the meeting of these two artists flows and explodes among the bubbles of Special Reserve, our celebratory beer made with refined and unusual ingredients such as Champagne yeasts, millefiori and acacia honey, wild cherries and plum, wild fruits that grow spontaneously amid the hills of the Marche region and the Riviera of Romagna.


AMA beers have been specially conceived and manufactured to accompany an Italian meal from beginning to end. AMA Blonde for appetizers and fresh fish of the Adriatic Sea, AMA Bruna for tagliatelle and meat, AMA Pilsner perfect as an aperitif and for fish entrées, AMA Mora for desserts (a nice tiramisu maybe) and finally Special Reserve, wonderful also with fish, shellfish, molluscs and oysters.

Amid art and food, made in Italy and a cosmopolitan spirit, AMA beers straight away aroused great interest in the creative minds of Italian chefs. There are many culinary recipes created in combination with AMA beers or beer itself, recipes that our chef friends have given us with affection and that you will find on our blog.


From the most classic regional recipes, through gourmet pizza recipes, through to the finest recipes of star and non-star chefs. 

Hence, for some years now we have been partners of two well-known catering associations. The first is Chef to Chef, the association of chefs of Emilia Romagna, an association of great prestige that actively collaborates with the best chefs (both star and non-star) of Emilia Romagna.

The second is CHIC, Charming Italian Chef, an association active throughout Italy and which collaborates with leading chefs (but also with pizza makers, bakers and producers); their mission is to enhance Made in Italy in all its forms with passion, dedication, quality and fun.

It is a great honour for us to be part of these two incredible associations and with them to participate in events, food fairs, live cooking, conferences, charity events and much more.


We strive daily to create high-quality, innovative beers able to communicate Made in Italy abroad and we have decided to do so also thanks to links with major partners that share our philosophy, our love for food, beer and Italy.