Riserva Speciale


Amarcord Riserva Speciale is the result of a collaboration of two artistic maestros. Tonino Guerra and Garrett Oliver. The first deeply attached to his native Romagna, and the second unmistakably a New Yorker. A poet and a master brewer, different in many ways but with just as many passions in common, and both with the same originality of thought, and the same willingness to take a chance, but only if the results are worth the risk. They met, and something special happened. Amarcord Riserva Speciale is Garrett's tribute to Tonino's poetry, and the label designed by Tonino is a tribute to Garrett's brewing skills.

The ideal accompaniment for fish and gourmet piadinas. And Riserva Speciale with oysters just shouldn't be missed.



BEER: Special
ALCOHOL: 10 % vol
PLATO: 19.5
COLOUR: Oro antico
TASTE: Dolce

SIZE: 75cl


- Light pink foam, creamy, soft, fine and very persistent.

- Beer pink peach - orange, veiled, with pearly reflections.

- Warm and structured body, fine and thin perlage.

- The nose, at slightly higher service temperatures, can feelevery notes: velvety notes of yeast, fresh wild fruit among which the sloe persists, sweet honey.

- The same aromatic bouquet could be felt in the palate.

- A series of flavors and aromas surprise our senses: velvety feeling given by the yeast in suspension, the same that ferment this beer for at least nine months; the freshness and the acidity by the wild fruits harmonized by the sweet coming from the honeys and the malt. Bitterness practically absent, elegant and smooth dry end.

- Good the aftertaste persistence.

- Our celebratory beer, with high alcohol content and made with sought and unusual ingredients. Ingredients among which the Champagne yeast, wildflower honey and acacia's honey, wild cherry and blackthorn, which are wild fruits that grow spontaneously in the hills between the Marche region and the Adriatic coast. A marriage with the arts: the art of brewing played by Garrett Oliver, who collaborated in the realization of the recipe, and art in its various forms represented by Tonino Guerra (writer, poet, painter, ...), who wanted the wild fruits of his loved land in this beer, adorned by a dreamlike label designed by his own hand.


- Spring water
- Barley Malt
- Hops
- Champagne Yeast
- Sour cherry and prugnolo juice
- Acacia and Millefiori's honey


Glass: Calice a tulipano
Service Temperature: 8/9°c


A celebratory beer ideal for every course of a meal. Surprising as an aperitif and with fresh fruit. Perfect with extra-dark chocolate.


Seafood dishes, including fish, crustaceans, molluscs and oysters. The perfect accompaniment for gourmet piadinas.


HONOR MENTION "Brusselles Beer Challenge 2012" Brussels - Belgium
SILVER "International Beer Challenge 2012" London - UK
GOLD "Mondial de la Bière 2012" Montreal - Canada
SILVER "World Beer Challenge 2012" Estoril - Portugal
SILVER "International Beer Challenge 2012" London - UK
SILVER "International Beer Challenge 2011" London - UK
SILVER "Beer International Recognition Award 2011" Tel Aviv - Israele

...the peacock is one of the most extraordinarily beautiful creatures that exist. It reminds me of my childhood, when I’d wait patiently for hours just to see it spread its tail, each time a magical apparition that I wanted to evoke in Amarcord. I’ve never drunk such a good and exciting beer in the whole world! I discovered all the flavours of my homeland, of the mountains and woods around where I live. Thank you Garrett and thanks also to Amarcord for creating this unique and extraordinary product, that in some way took me back to when I used to stay up all night writing the scripts for Federico Fellini’s greatest films, like Amarcord, of course!
— Tonino Guerra