Beer is a simple product, the quality of which depends primarily on raw materials. Water, barley malt, hops and yeast are the basic ingredients that define the style and aromas of beer. In the brewery we use pure spring water from the Apennines and selected malts which convey characteristic aromas and provide useful sugars to the yeast, which transform the must into beer. Without forgetting the hops, which give bitterness and aromas typical of the cultivar.

However, there are also other original ingredients which our master brewers choose for AMA beers, to give them extraordinary bouquets and an unforgettable flavour.


Spalt Hops

Spalt Spalter takes its name from the German region of Bavaria, southwest of Nuremberg, and is universally recognised as one of the finest and most aromatic varieties. We use it in the form of a dried flower. This type of hops gives the beer a fine, elegant bitterness, and thanks to the variety and precious quality of the essential oils which it contains, gives the beer a floral bouquet, slightly earthy and citric.

Used in our AMA Pilsner


Sicilian Orange Honey Blossom

Italian honey with a golden colour with a fruity character, delicate, but at the same time distinctive. Creamy consistency, agreeably sweet, super fragrant, it reminds orange peel and almonds. The honey gives to the beer sweet, citrus and spicy notes with a full sweet taste to the palate.

Used in our AMA Bionda


Candy sugar

A special sugar that enriches the recipe: sweet and intense notes of caramel will win you over, giving the beer complexity, without weighing down its body.

Used in our AMA Bruna


Pascucci Coffee

A choice linked to the local area for an Anglo-Saxon-inspired beer. The special blend of Arabica (95%) and Robusta (5%) cultivars in cold infusion gives intense, full and enveloping notes to a beer while Chocolate malt and Roast Barley give a rich bouquet. Coffee, toasted and roasted notes, fresh notes of liquorice and warm dark chocolate for an unforgettable beer.

Used in our AMA Mora


Malawi cane sugar

Raw sugar from South East Africa, dark brown in colour, with an intense flavour reminiscent of sweet liquorice, walnuts and hazelnuts. It helps give complexity to an authentic recipe and a taste that reveals its seductive presence.

Used in our AMA Mora


Wild cherries and blackthorn, acacia and millefiori honey

A sweet and sour combination. A voluptuous experience amid the warm and intense aromas of honey and the fresh, pungent notes of wild fruit. Unripe cherries, prune, light citrus and flower notes, sweet notes of honey, in addition to the spicy and velvety notes of yeast, the same used for Champagne: let yourself be moved by the refined combination of flavours. 

Used in our Riserva Speciale